Name Email Address Position
Elizabeth Darcy              [email protected] Principal
Teddy Adames [email protected] Assistant Principal
Maegan Boza [email protected] Assistant Principal
Jennifer Flora [email protected] Certified School Counselor
Amy Osbun-Rapp [email protected] Certified School Counselor
Kristy Conley [email protected] ESE
Yolanda Nodine [email protected] Pre-K VE
Cari Towle [email protected] PreK VE
Shannon Perez [email protected] ESE
Celeste Shaw  [email protected] VE
Cindy Hill [email protected] Instructional Coach
Michelle Robinson [email protected] Instructional Coach/ETF
Lynne Walker [email protected] Instructional Coach
Amy Youmans [email protected] Gifted Resources/Enrichment Coordinator
Edwin Gonzalez [email protected] ESOL
Julia Mottaz [email protected] ESOL
Cheryl Sjoberg [email protected] Speech and Language
Dean Malkiewicz [email protected] Speech and Language
Ryann Watson [email protected] VPK Teacher
Monica Hampton [email protected] Kindergarten
Samantha Moberg [email protected] Kindergarten
Amanda Morales [email protected] Kindergarten
Robin Powers [email protected] Kindergarten
Jackie Rogers [email protected] Kindergarten
Hannah Hunter [email protected] Kindergarten
Mindy Ross [email protected] Kindergarten
Ada Roque [email protected] Kindergarten Dual Language
Shannon Beeman [email protected] First Grade
Vicki Allo [email protected] First Grade
Catelynn Launer [email protected] First Grade
Jessica Haner [email protected] First Grade
Rebecca Chandler [email protected] First Grade
Tanisha Howell [email protected] First Grade
Bobbi Sliker [email protected] First Grade
Carina Rallis [email protected] First Grade Dual Language
Kathy Stacey [email protected] Second Grade
Mariella Dorr [email protected] Second Grade Dual Language
Nicole Loving [email protected] Second Grade
Christine Parquette [email protected] Second Grade
Caitlin Casavecchia c[email protected] Second Grade
Beverly Cooper [email protected] Second Grade
Vicki Squires [email protected] Second Grade
Angela Jones [email protected] Second Grade
Jennifer Hebert [email protected] Third Grade
Cari May [email protected] Third Grade
Desiree Mercado [email protected] Third Grade
Tamara Vazquez [email protected] Third Grade Dual Language Teacher
Shonda Miles [email protected] Third Grade
 Tesha Goldson [email protected] Third Grade 
Deanna Petrosky-Fowler [email protected] Third Grade
Suzanne Cotler [email protected] Third Grade
Mary Carr [email protected] Fourth Grade
Marjie Martinez [email protected] Fourth Grade Dual Language
Gina Meredith [email protected] Fourth Grade
Dawn McCullough [email protected] Fourth Grade
Jon Smith [email protected] Fourth Grade
Beth Toombs [email protected] Fourth Grade
Megan Barnett [email protected] Fifth Grade
Alexa Jakusovas [email protected] Fifth Grade
Christina McNair [email protected] Fifth Grade
Amanda Othmer [email protected] Fifth Grade
Robin Patterson [email protected] Fifth Grade
David Stone [email protected] Fifth Grade
Ashley Bazemore [email protected] Fifth Grade
Brittany Wells [email protected] Fifth Grade
Erin Noyes [email protected] Music Teacher
Ghislaine Payamps [email protected] Media
Luis Zapata [email protected] PE
Neliza Albino [email protected] ESE Support
Jane Babineau [email protected] Clinic Assistant
Jennifer Carl [email protected] Bookkeeper
Sohira Limonta [email protected] Paraprofessional
Lisa Martinez [email protected] ESE Support
Haidy Massoud [email protected] Paraprofessional
Debbie Smith [email protected] FTE
Leslie Quackenbush [email protected] Secretary
Kathleen Rockwell [email protected] Paraprofessional
Brandon Sims [email protected] PE Paraprofessional
Teresa Thillet [email protected] ESE Support
Claudia Urdaneta [email protected] ESE Support
Fernando Aguillar [email protected] Custodial
Maria Aguillar [email protected] Custodial
Canute Bennett [email protected] Custodial
Leslie Cherson [email protected] Dining Services Manager
Glenis Moreno [email protected] Head Custodian

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