About Carillon

students with ipadsLocated in the Oviedo area of Seminole County, Carillon Elementary School is in a prime location to serve the needs of our diverse and growing student population. In recent years, our student enrollment grew to over 1,000 students. Our campus is close to the University of Central Florida, Seminole State College Oviedo Campus, and directly across the street from Hagerty High School. This has all led to wonderful partnership opportunities.

Carillon Elementary continues to strive to have students be “Capable, Connected, and Contributing.” These Three C’s have been part of Carillon Elementary since it was founded about 20 years ago. It is our contention that a high-performing school is more than just one that shows high student test scores. We believe that to be a high-performing school, students at our school need to be provided with the following elements, which correspond with our Three C’s:students at whiteboard desk

  • Capable Students have academic success and numerous chances to apply learning.
  • Connected Students are engaged, motivated, and inspired.
  • Contributing Students have opportunities for enrichment, have time for exploration, and chances to create.

Each of these characteristics are the driving force behind school initiatives and curriculum planning. Of course, student safety, character building, and family involvement are all embedded into this approach.

The following enhancements to our educational experience are already in place here at Carillon Elementary School and help to set our school apart from others.

students outsideOur school is divided up into school-wide groups called Orbits. We use these Orbits to connect student members from multiple grade levels and teachers/staff members from multiple positions. Orbit members earn points for positive behavior and excellent effort throughout each school day. Evidences of our Orbits (Challenger, Orion, Mercury, Endeavour, Titan, and Supernova) are all around our campus.

Space teams take offOur school-wide enrichment program, SPACE TEAMS, provides unique opportunities and experiences for students. We want our Students Pursuing A Culture of Excellence through Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Science. All students have the opportunity to enroll in electives that interest them and that will help to make them contributing members of our community. Community members and parent volunteers help expand the diversity of the electives, which can include experiments with bubbles, photography, coding, electrical circuits, catapults, and much more. Click here to watch the story from News 6 featuring our SPACE TEAMS program.

Students at Carillon Expand Academic Readiness and Receive Targeted Help (EARTH). We want our students to receive instruction that best meets their individual needs to ensure that they are capable of meeting the challenges for the 21st Century. For some students that may mean receiving intensive instruction in a targeted area. For others, it may mean additional enrichment.

Students in the collaboratoryUtilized in all three of these Carillon initiatives is our Learning Commons. It features a traditional school media center with unique activity centers that increase student engagement. The Learning Commons also includes our Collaboratory, which is a classroom of the future that helps teachers and students take advantage of many of the technological advances through collaboration. Learn more about the Collaboratory HERE. The MakerSpace is a unique area that allows students to explore and create. Activities include 3-D printing, robotics, a Lego-Wall, tinkering table, and more. Our Television Production Studio is also housed in our Learning Commons. Morning announcements are televised across the campus by our fifth grade students on a daily basis. Former Principal, Dr. Daniel Windish, summed it up by saying, "The Learning Commons is the heart and center of our school and is abuzz all day long with student activity. By providing and utilizing this space, the Carillon Elementary community has made a strong commitment to student engagement, student creativity, and student success in their future educational experiences."

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